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定制钛金现代不锈钢屏风 客厅不锈钢屏风 花格隔断屏风墙




同时,很多的人家会在门厅中设定一个比较大的屏风,主要的目的是为了让整个房间不会一眼就望到尽头,所以,我们可以说屏风从某种意义上迎合了中国人保守的思想观念,这也就是为什么中国人即使是在现代社会的今 天,依然还会在家居装饰设计中看到屏风的身影。


As early as in ancient China, many big gatekeepers used the screen as the decoration of the room, blocking the vision through the screen and playing a certain degree of space expansion effect. At the same time, many people will set a relatively large screen in the lobby. The main purpose is to let the entire room not reach the end at a glance. Therefore, we can say that the screen in a certain sense caters to the conservative Chinese Ideas, which is why even in today's modern society, Chinese people still see the screen in home decoration design. Although the decorative screen to be continued, but there have been some changes in the material, the general screen are usually wooden structure, and modern decoration design, usually stainless steel screen, more modern, but also To a certain extent, increased the ornamental stainless steel screen.


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